Being a teenager is hard enough, but Asian youth face specific circumstances that make maintaining a sense of mental wellness and stability even more difficult in our daily lives. From insecurities surrounding physical appearance, to the tribulations of growing up in an immigrant household—it gets difficult to navigate anxieties that our white peers will never fully understand.


This is a space for Asian youth to be open about the insecurities, hardships, and even the joys that come with our heritage. It is crucial to us that we are mindful of the diversity of this continent, and bring attention to ethnic backgrounds that are often ignored in discussions about Asians’ mental wellbeing.


Elena Massing


As someone with Southeast Asian heritage, I've always felt misunderstood when talking to therapists about issues relating to my identity. I never truly felt heard—even people that knew what it felt like to be racialised rarely grasped the additional complexities of being mixed race. In creating this compilation of stories and resources for anyone confronting similar problems, I hope to show all Asian youth that it's okay to reach out for support.